Czar Trading Inc., incorporated in the province of Ontario; Canada, specialises in all aspects of global trading in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals scrap.

The company started trading internationally with its metal scrap products HMS 1 and HMS 2 and moved into items like Aluminum, Copper, and many other non-ferrous and ferrous commodities. It started with a dream and is always driven by dreams.

Citing a gap between the demand and supply of quality plastic scrap, Czar Trading Inc. expanded with other commodities like PET scrap, HDPE, LDPE etc. Having partnered with genuine suppliers, agents, brokers and importers, Czar Trading Inc. has adapted its organization to reflect global changes in politics, economics, technology and business methodology.

A strong, customer-focused approach and the constant quest for top-class quality have enabled the company to attain and sustain the leadership position in the field of ferrous, non-ferrous and the other products we deal in.


The Company’s leadership has over 40 years of combined work experience in the metal trade and are trusted globally for their commitment to the business.

Czar Trading Inc. has built its reputation on four ideals; honesty, reliability, value and that which seems to encompass them all, integrity. We can best be described as a unique approach that combines industry experience, creative resources and outmost dedication for every project, focusing on the needs of customers by providing the best solutions and services to drive these businesses forward.

We have a wide customer base spanning in various countries. The company has now spread its roots of business in Indian Sub continent, Far Eastern regions, West Africa, Europe and the United States. We have developed a substantial network of dedicated partners over the last many years thus allowing us to fulfil our target of serving better our clients and suppliers. Our network covers lots of areas of the World and more specifically the India, Dubai, Africa and UK.

Czar Trading Inc. and its partners deal in the following commodities and products: FERROUS MATERIALS viz PNS, HMS 1, HMS 2, Shredded Scrap, MS Turning/Boring, Cast Iron, CI Borings and other secondary items. NON-FERROUS products include Copper Scrap, Barley, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy Stainless Steel: (Sabot 304 / 316 series), all types of Aluminum Scrap including Tense, Taint/ Tabor, Extrusion 6063 / 6061, UBC, Telic, and ADC 12 Ingots.
We ensure value for both our suppliers and end buyers and help carry out meaningful and secure business across the border.